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Regular Expression Evaluator


The Regex Evaluator is a powerful and efficient tool for helping with development of regular expressions. It speedily evaluates all kinds of regular expressions and efficiently displays the evaluation results. It runs on multiple platforms either as an applet in any Java enabled browser or as a standalone application on any system supporting java.


The Regex Evaluator can be started either by running the executable jar (java -jar regex_eval.jar), by utilizing the Java Web Start technology or by directly using the Java applet below.

The utility should be quite self-explanatory and therefore not much help is provided. Just one minor explanation of the “instant evaluation” mode. When the “Instant” check box is being checked the evaluator listens to any changes in both “Regular Expression” and “Source Text” text areas. It means that when any character is typed or deleted, the application immediately compiles the regular expression, matches the input and displays results.

Java Web Start

If you desire faster response or off-line application you can run RegexEvaluator as a java web start application.


The RegexEvaluator applet will appear below in a Java enabled browser.

System Requirements

  • Java 1.4 or higher



  • Main Language: Java
  • Total Lines of Code: 2669
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